Statement from Chris Giunchigliani denouncing the Trump Administration Justice Department’s decision to rescind the “Cole Memorandum”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 4th, 2018


LAS VEGAS, NV — Nevadans voted to legalize marijuana — regulating and taxing it similarly to alcohol and tobacco. Today, the Trump Administration Justice Department chose to undermine the will of the voters and inject the federal government into the enforcement of Nevada marijuana policy. This puts at risk millions in funding for public education and creates confusion and uncertainty for local businesses. It could potentially rebuild the criminal black market for marijuana and once again fill our jails with non-violent drug offenders.

“This is wrong. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is attempting to impose his personal agenda over the will of the more than 600,000 Nevadans who voted to legalize marijuana for recreational use,” said Chris Giunchigliani. “It’s an egregious overstep by the federal government — and it puts millions of dollars in funding for public education in jeopardy. We don’t need this uncertainty for local dispensaries or the threat of wasting law enforcement resources on locking up non-violent drug offenders. Marijuana should be removed from Schedule 1 classification immediately.”

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