Response to Steve Sisolak’s Dishonest and Shameful Lies About Chris Giunchigliani

Response to Steve Sisolak’s Dishonest and Shameful Lies About Chris Giunchigliani

Down in the polls and grasping at straws, Steve Sisolak’s campaign is peddling an outrageous and baseless attack on Chris. He should be ashamed of himself, but despite what his campaign will insinuate to try to win an election, let’s be very clear: Chris Giunchigliani has never used campaign money for personal use. This suggestion is absurd and insulting.

Chris’s late husband Gary was one of the most respected and trusted Democratic political consultants in Nevada. In addition to managing all of Chris’s political campaigns, he ran a total of about 250 campaigns in Nevada, including Steve Sisolak’s bid for the Clark county commission.

The insinuations being promoted by the Sisolak campaign are particularly disgusting since Gary passed away almost three years ago and is not able to defend himself against their baseless smear of his good reputation—a reputation that was developed over decades working to elect Democrats, including Steve Sisolak

Since Steve’s team is continuing with a line of attack that Sisolak knows is false and grossly unfair, here are the facts:

FALSE Attack:

Claim–Chris used campaign money for personal use.

  • To be clear, at no point ever has Chris used campaign money for personal use. This would be immoral—not to mention illegal. Anyone who knows Chris and knew Gary gets how outrageous such an allegation is.

FALSE Attack:

Claim: Gary made a million dollars on Chris’s campaigns.

  • Here is how campaigns (like Steve Sisolak’s, for instance) would work with Gary’s firm.
    • Gary’s firm would manage the campaign, and coordinate with all vendors, like television stations, pollsters, print shops, etc.
    • Gary would charge campaigns a monthly invoice for his services. In addition, he would invoice campaigns for expenses like advertising and polling.
    • The campaign would pay Gary’s firm for a poll, and then Gary’s firm would take that money and pay the pollster. The same with advertising, direct mail, staff, etc.
    • Of all the expenses a campaign would pay to Gary’s firm, the overwhelming vast majority would immediately be paid to other vendors. Gary’s take home pay was a small fraction of the total amount he would invoice campaigns.
    • This was the case on Steve Sisolak’s commissioner campaign as well.
    • We are happy to provide invoices for all of this.
  • The claim that Chris’s campaign “paid Gary a million dollars” is grossly misleading. Steve Sisolak knows this.


FALSE Attack:

Claim: Gary made almost $500,000 on Chris’s campaign in 2006.

  • Of the $480,000 invoiced to Chris’s campaign in 2006, around 10%-15% was actually taken home by Gary.
  • Roughly 85%-90% was, as outlined above, paid to vendors for advertising, mail, polling, staff, etc.
  • Gary personally earned (before taxes) around $61,000—well within the standard range for a consultant of his standing


FALSE Attack:

Claim: Chris paid Gary more money in 2006 because she and Gary were buying a new house.

  • While it is true that Chris’s campaign paid Gary’s firm more in 2006 than in previous years, there is a very obvious reason that was inexplicably left out of the press story on this. After years of relatively easy reelection campaigns in a safe Democratic seat, Chris took a big step of trying to unseat a sitting Democrat on the Clark County Commission. She did, and she won, becoming the first Democrat to defeat a sitting Democratic incumbent.


Behind in the polls after spending large amounts of money, Steve’s campaign is flailing and desperate. The claims they are peddling are false. Steve has demonstrated that he will say anything that he thinks will help him win a race, regardless of accuracy, facts, or integrity. He should be ashamed of the smear campaign he is trying to run against Chris. A smear campaign that, again, he knows is blatantly false.

For someone who made $23 million suing the taxpayers of Clark County, after running a telemarketing firm and serving as a telemarketing lobbyist, Steve Sisolak sure seems interested in talking about how other people make money.

We ask Steve Sisolak, once again, to stop attacking Chris’s deceased husband—a person he called a “great man” and respected enough to hire to manage his commission campaign.

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