Chris Giunchigliani calls for three debates and at least four issue-specific town halls

Chris Giunchigliani calls for three debates and at least four issue-specific town halls

Wants to go past the sound bites; Says it is no surprise that Steve Sisolak would want such a small number of joint appearances



LAS VEGAS, NV — On Friday—one day before it became public that Steve Sisolak plans on skipping the Henderson Democrats’ candidate forum— his campaign announced that he wants to limit his joint appearances with Chris to three debates. With so many important issues facing Nevadans, this is not close to enough.

“Voters deserve to hear directly from us about where we stand, what motivates us and why we are running,” said Chris Giunchigliani. “That means showing up in communities all over the state and having an in-depth conversation about the issues. Leadership requires having the courage to answer tough questions, meet with Nevadans face-to-face and not limit responses to short sound bites.”

In addition to three debates, we propose a minimum of four issue-specific town halls, at least three of which will take place outside of Clark County. This will give Democratic voters around the state the opportunity to find out where the candidates really stand and their track records on critical issues impacting Nevada.

In addition to three general debates, we propose at least one town hall each on:

  • Gun reform
  • Economic development and income inequality
  • Education
  • Environment/public lands.

The general election is going to be a hard-fought race—national rankings have it as a pure toss-up—and we have to make sure that the Democratic nominee is willing to go out and articulate a clear contrast with Adam Laxalt and share a progressive vision for Nevada.

Added campaign manager Eric Hyers, “It is no surprise that Steve would want to minimize the number of times he has to defend his record, given the number of times he’s already switched positions based on what he thinks his audience wants to hear. And while he has already stated he plans to rely on “paid advertising” to talk with rural voters and was caught warning people not to ask him a “question that may be difficult,” we hope he will accept Chris’s proposal and give Nevadans the opportunity to hear from both candidates in their communities.

Giunchigliani’s response came on the same day the campaign announced her “Chris In Your Community Tour” around Nevada. The tour will cover four days, ending with a HQ opening on Monday evening in Reno. Chris will then return to Las Vegas for her official gubernatorial filing on Tuesday.

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