Nevada’s governor candidates: Where they stand on issues that affect your kid’s education

Should public schools receive more public funding? From where?

Giunchigliani: We have some of the most underfunded schools in the country; it’s unacceptable. As governor, I will bring together stakeholders: parents, teachers, administrators and legislators to fully account for the depth of the problem and figure out how to fix our broken funding formula. One thing we absolutely cannot do is allow Adam Laxalt to repeal the commerce tax, which is projected to bring in additional revenues. And I was deeply disappointed that Steve Sisolak choose to block Governor Sandoval’s proposal for additional funding for public education through the room tax as the Raiders stadium deal was going through because it helped the whole state instead of just Clark County. I’ll be a governor who prioritizes education funding, and stop the unproductive North/South/Rural divisiveness.

Should Nevada change the education funding formula?

Giunchigliani: Yes. The Nevada Plan is badly outdated and needs to be replaced. As a special education teacher, fixing how we fund our schools will be my top priority. We have some of the most underfunded schools in the country and we have to address this head on so that every child, regardless of zip code, family income or ethnicity has the opportunity to get a great public education.

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