Educators Support Giunchigliani Based on Her Long Record of Delivering for Schools

Virginia Mills, President of ESEA, represents education support professionals across Clark County. “While we appreciate Commissioner Sisolak’s recent statement in favor of properly funding public education, his most recent action on the issue actually stopped new revenue. In politics, as in anything else, it’s important to look at what people do, not just what they say,” said Mills.

“Chris Giunchigliani knows first-hand the issues facing our schools,” said Washoe Education Association President and English teacher Natha Anderson. “Her focus will be on fixing school funding and bringing in new resources for our kids, not on corporate giveaways.”

“There has never been a candidate for Governor with such a lifetime commitment to public schools and quality public education for every Nevada student,” said special education teacher and NSEA President Ruben Murillo, Jr. “Chris G. was a leading voice for public education when she recruited me into the union in 1988, and she has never stopped her advocacy for public schools and our students. NSEA is 100% committed to making sure Chris Giunchigliani becomes our Education Governor.”

Read the entire statement from the Nevada State Education Association here.

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