Secretary Hillary Clinton Announces Her Support of Chris Giunchigliani for Governor

Las Vegas—Today, Secretary Hillary Clinton put her support behind Chris G’s campaign for governor, citing her work as a special education teacher and her long track record of progressive accomplishments in the State Assembly and on the Clark County Commission.

A robocall was sent to Democratic primary voters announcing the Secretary’s support. You can listen to the audio here:

A transcript is below:

Hi, this is Hillary Clinton and I’m calling to ask you to vote this Tuesday for my friend Chris G for governor.

I’ve known Chris for many years and I’ve seen how she’s been an extraordinary progressive leader for Nevada.

Chris’s experience as a special education teacher, along with her many progressive accomplishments in the State Assembly and on the Clark County Commission, make her uniquely qualified to stand up for Nevada’s children and families.  

So, again, this is Hillary Clinton and I hope you’ll join me in supporting Chris Giunchigliani — or Chris G for short — and vote for her this Tuesday.  

She will be a governor that you can be proud of. Thank you very much.

“I’m thrilled to have Hillary Clinton’s support in this campaign,” said Chris G. “She has been a fighter for our Democratic values of fairness and opportunity her entire life,  and her help means so much. Thank you Hillary Clinton for all you have done and thank you for helping us break a glass ceiling in Nevada! From one strong woman to another, your kind words are much appreciated.”

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