A six-point plan that finally takes on the gun lobby

A note from Chris:

Kids deserve to go to school without worrying about their safety. Americans should be able to
attend concerts, see a movie, meet their congressperson or go to a club at night without fearing
that a weapon of war will result in yet more mass casualties. Enough is enough.

We’ve seen hundreds of thousands of Americans march to say that we will no longer accept the
level of gun violence in our country.

I’m so inspired by the brave young people who organized these marches—who are
speaking out—saying they will not put up with this anymore. Let’s listen. And let’s finally
implement common-sense gun safety measures to reduce gun violence.

In October, Nevada suffered the largest mass shooting in modern American history. The horrific
mass shooting at the Parkland, Florida high school has galvanized millions. But politicians in
Washington are still failing to act.

I’ll be a governor who will tackle the epidemic of gun violence. It’s long past time for our
leaders to act and we can no longer allow the gun lobby to hijack our public policy.

Here is my six-point plan to implement common-sense gun safety measures and keep
Nevadans safe:

Require comprehensive background checks for all gun sales.
● I publicly backed Question 1 because common-sense background checks are long
overdue in Nevada, and am proud that the people of our state voted in favor of the
● I’ll make sure background checks are one of the first issues in front of the legislature
next session.
● All gun sales, whether public or private, should require background checks that include
information from state and local sources in addition to the National Instant Criminal
Background Check System (NICS). Nevada’s state laws include important protections
for victims of domestic violence, including the ability of a judge to require the removal of
firearms. This information is vital to check before an individual is allowed to purchase a

Ban the sale of “weapons of war”, “Assault Rifles,” or “AR-15 style weapons”
● Several states already have comprehensive definitions for assault weapons written into
state law. These definitions are specifically targeted at weapons that can easily become
weapons of war and serve no sporting purpose.
● The ownership or sale of these weapons should be banned; any current owners who
wish to keep their weapons will be required to file for certificates of possession, and
owners who move from states where these weapons are legal will be required to render
their weapons inoperable or sell them.

Ban the sale of high-capacity magazines and aftermarket modifications (like bump
stocks) that increase the fire rate of firearms.
● Instead of waiting for Congress to act, as governor, I will ensure that a bump stock ban is
enacted in Nevada
● But while banning bump stocks is an important step in the fight against gun violence, it
doesn’t go far enough. There’s no reason for anyone but police to have a high capacity
magazine that can hold up to 100 rounds of ammunition before the shooter has to
reload. The sale of these items should be banned in the state of Nevada.

Re-empower local governments and municipalities to make decisions about how to best
keep their communities safe.
● With the legislature, I will repeal the worst provisions of Michael Roberson’s SB240 bill
from 2015. This bill reserved regulation of firearms for the state legislature alone, in
order to shield the gun industry from local governments seeking to protect their
● The state should enact common-sense reform, but if localities want to enact further
provisions (like raising the age to purchase firearms) there is no sensible reason to
prevent them. What’s good for Ely isn’t necessarily good for Reno.

Enact “red flag” legislation, so we can prevent tragedies instead of just reacting after
they happen.
● When a judge is presented with evidence by law enforcement that an individual may
pose a legitimate threat to themselves or others, they should be able to sign an order
requiring that individual to temporarily surrender their firearms.
● This is an important tool used by law enforcement agencies across the country to
prevent tragedies before they happen, including after mental health episodes or
incidents of domestic violence.
○ In 1995 I expanded the definition of domestic violence to include dating partners
and ex-spouses. Last legislative session, the legislature enabled judges to
require individuals with domestic violence restraining orders against them to
surrender their guns. These are important steps, but don’t go far enough:
individuals who are under restraining orders for domestic violence or stalking
should be required to surrender or sell their firearms. Additionally, law
enforcement officers should be authorized to remove firearms from scenes of
domestic violence.

Keep Guns Out of Our Schools
● I stand firmly against allowing guns in the classroom, and will veto any measure that
arms teachers.

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