Chris Giunchigliani on Family Planning

A note from Chris G:

This is important. In 1999, I passed legislation to require Nevada’s insurance companies to cover birth control, leading to a drop in teen pregnancy rates. Nineteen years later and a woman’s right to family planning is under attack, and deadly but preventable health problems such as sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise in Nevada, as a result of a failure of leadership on this issue.

Currently, Nevada does not fund family planning organizations like Planned Parenthood. This needs to change, especially against the backdrop of the Trump administration’s attacks on federal programs like the Title X Family Planning Program, as well as efforts to substitute failed approaches such as abstinence-only education for approaches that are proven to work, such as access to contraception and sex ed.

It is especially important that we in Nevada act on these issues. The Trump administration and their allies at the state level are doing everything they can to undermine a women’s ability to access comprehensive women’s health services, including birth control and the right to choose. They are non-stop in their attempts to defund organizations like Planned Parenthood that provide things like cancer screenings, annual check-ups and honest, legitimate health care information.

As governor, I will finally fund family planning centers like Planned Parenthood on a statewide basis, because people need access to health services, regardless of attempts to block access to care by politicians in DC.

The following are Chris’s proposals for increasing the availability of family planning services in Nevada:

● Write family planning as its own line item in Nevada’s budget for the first time, dedicating funds to these important services.

○ Chris will create a dedicated revenue source for groups like Planned Parenthood so that these important services for women are able to not only continue operating, but expand services in the communities of greatest need.
○ We can’t rely on federal dollars alone, with all of the attacks on women’s health from the Trump administration and right-wing ideologues like Adam Laxalt

● Expand funding of the family planning grants that were passed last session to serve rural Nevada
● Institute sex ed reforms, modeled on the AB348 bill that was passed last session

○ Nevada has some of the highest rates of teen pregnancy and teen STDs in the country

■ This leads to increased Medicaid and public service spending across the state, in addition to affecting quality of life

○ The solution to this is improving our education system

■ Sex Ed should be opt-out, not opt-in
■ Sex Ed should be periodically revised to account for the latest research, and to be sure it’s inclusive, instructive, and safe for all students
■ Sex Ed curriculums should be evidence-based, relying on science and studies instead of ineffective, outdated programs
■ Sex Ed should be taught by qualified professionals only

● Support the ballot initiative to end the “pink tax,” the backwards practice of charging sales tax on necessary feminine hygiene products

○ Last session, progressive women in the legislature passed a bill to abolish it and now it goes to the voters.
○ Chris Giunchigliani wholly approves of this ballot measure

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