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Important Voter Update

Updated March 29, 2018
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It is important that during the month of April, voters read about the contrast between Christina – Chris G – Giunchigliani, a trusted, effective, progressive leader, and Steve Sisolak, who can’t be trusted to stand for progressive values because he just tells voters whatever he thinks they want to hear.

With over 30 years working in public education, much of that in the classroom as a special education teacher, 16 years of service as a state legislator and as a current county commissioner, Chris G is one of the most successful leaders Nevada has ever had at getting progressive things done. She sponsored legislation to raise the minimum wage. Under her leadership, Nevada finally enacted mandatory kindergarten. She expanded domestic violence protections and has been recognized by Planned Parenthood of Southern Nevada for her efforts to support women’s reproductive freedom. She voted against a big corporate developer building 5000 homes at the edge of Red Rock. And she is the only candidate for governor who had the courage to fight for Question 1 which expanded background checks in Nevada.

In contrast, multi-millionaire Steve Sisolak isn’t on the side of working families and we can’t trust him to stand up for progressive values. Sisolak previously said that he didn’t believe Nevada should recognize same-sex marriages and wasn’t sure if the state should protect employees from being harassed or fired simply for being gay. He single-handedly blocked a critical investment in Nevada public schools. He earned an A minus from the National Rifle Association and just two and a half weeks after the One October Las Vegas shooting took $2,500 from a machine gun range that markets the “machine gun experience” to 10-year olds. Sisolak sided with a big developer to build 5,000 homes outside Red Rock after he took a max out contribution from the developer’s company.

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